Jari Inkinen
signature Jari Inkinen Web Developer
Mr Trend Web development in the field of full service hotel and destination marketing is a great opportunity to express my creativity and make the Internet a better place for everyone. This job feeds my passion with the exciting challenge of achieving simplicity, the key for reliability. I like to follow the scene and keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies. Programming is not just my job: it is my way of life.
Hannes Gasser
signature Hannes Gasser Owner and Director
Mr Solver Good full service hotel and destination marketing makes the impossible possible. As a client consultant and managing director at Brandnamic I work on finding solutions and know that standing still is the same as going backwards. The client is definitely my top priority. Always.
Michael Oberhofer
signature Michael Oberhofer Owner and Director
Mr Motivator Service must come from the heart. As a hotelier, service means everything to me, and that applies just as much to my job as managing director and a consultant in full service hotel and destination marketing. I approach every day with enthusiasm, as my work is more than just a job to me.
Matthias Prader
signature Matthias Prader Owner and Director
Mr Detail The quality is in the detail – that applies to my consulting work as well as my internal responsibility as managing director for production. In full service hotel and destination marketing it is essential to find the solution that is just perfect for the client, together with them. That is what motivates me time and time again.
Thomas Stein
signature Thomas Stein Consultant Hotel and Destination Marketing
Mr Statistics I love numbers. Which is not a bad thing in full service hotel and destination marketing, as successful consulting is also reflected in the statistics. I am always available for my clients and as a conscientious, untiring worker my motto is Never stop.
Maurizio Baldo
signature Maurizio Baldo Consultant Hotel and Destination Marketing
Mr Backpacker My own passion for travelling helps me to advise clients and create customised marketing strategies for them. Full service hotel and destination marketing requires precision, creativity and often a little bit of madness too, that's what makes my job so unique!
Dagmar Gruber
signature Dagmar Gruber Team Manager for Project Management
Ms Structured Project management is the art of having everything under control. It is important to me to be impeccably organised, coordinate the processes perfectly and offer 100% quality full service hotel and destination marketing. Good contacts with my clients is a matter dear to my heart.
Sonja Ridi
signature Sonja Ridi Project Manager
Ms Flexible From commissioning to completing the projects – it is never boring in full service hotel and destination marketing! The communication with our clients and coordination of internal processes provide me with the whole range of this varied job.
Karolin Rieder
signature Karolin Rieder Project Manager
Ms Orderly Being organised makes life much easier. I like organising and planning. My work in project management for full service hotel and destination marketing is extremely varied and that is precisely what appeals to me – the variety, the constantly new challenges, the opportunity for me to continue developing.
Iris Costazza
signature Iris Costazza Project Manager
Ms Versatile As a project manager for full service hotel and destination marketing you are where all the threads come together. The greatest thing about my work is that it enables me to be part of every project phase, from commissioning to controlling production to completion of the project.
Hildegard Egger
signature Hildegard Egger Administration and Human Resource Management
Ms Traveller Every trip is as different and multi-faceted as every person, which is precisely why my job in full service hotel and destination marketing is such fun. I am responsible for administration and personnel and love working with people. That's why I'm in just the right place.
Anita Stare
signature Anita Stare Internal Organization
Ms Responsible What I like about my responsibilities in full service hotel and destination marketing – personnel, internal marketing, legal affairs – is that they offer me a great degree of flexibility. I like being allowed to show initiative, act independently and take responsibility.
Alexandra Fössinger
signature Alexandra Fössinger Team Manager for Text and Wording
Ms Articulate Language is the most precise tool we have to express our thoughts, in full service hotel and destination marketing too. Language should amaze and can be unconventional. It is always a great pleasure for me to find the appropriate words for an advert, slogan or press release.
Laura Avanzini
signature Laura Avanzini Text and Wording
Ms Passionate With imagination and the appropriate words you can capture the crux of the matter and formulate messages that are taken to heart. I love writing and I am meticulous, creative, curious and direct. That's why I do my job in full service hotel and destination marketing with total conviction.
Martina Leitner
signature Martina Leitner Text and Wording
Ms Imaginative A good mental picture is the best first impression that you can leave behind. Making images come alive with words, making the reader into the viewer: Texts in full service hotel and destination marketing can do so much – it's hardly surprising that looking for the right tone is fun every single day.
Verena Bernhard
signature Verena Bernhard Text and Wording
Ms Wordy Words, texts and books are a permanent fixture in my life. The fact that I can pursue this passion for the written word in full service hotel and destination marketing and can juggle and play with language makes my job creative, varied and a daily pleasure.
Sandra Prantner
signature Sandra Prantner Team Manager for Media Design
Ms Reliable Successful corporate design is a complete whole, as is successful full service hotel and destination marketing. Besides a good idea, good old-fashioned work is behind this. When the client sees themselves reflected in the graphic line in the end I know that I have created a good product.
Helene Kargruber
signature Helene Kargruber Media Designer
Ms Colourful Good design explains the content and should speak for itself. I am versatile, creative and simply see creative opportunities everywhere. My job in full service and hotel destination marketing is kind of in my blood which is why I wouldn't swap it for anything else.
Irene Reiterer
signature Irene Reiterer Media Designer
Ms Artistic Good design is invisible. The ideal form goes perfectly with the product, it is not something separate. My job is to perfectly reconcile my artistic sense with the requirements of corporate design in full service hotel and destination marketing.
Erwin Steiger
signature Erwin Steiger Team Manager for Web
Mr Pioneer Anyone who does not keep up-to-date will miss out on the latest developments. That does not happen to us of course as we are always up-to-date with the latest technology and at the forefront in terms of web design. What fascinates me time and time again in my job in full service hotel and destination marketing is the unbelievable wide range of my tasks.
Alex Complojer
signature Alex Complojer Technical Manager
Mr Tinkerer It is relatively easy to get a programme up and running. What's important is that it works well. My aim is to develop stable and user-friendly software for full service hotel and destination marketing, which is distinguished by longevity, even in these times of rapid technical changes.
Robin Oberhollenzer
signature Robin Oberhollenzer Web Developer
Mr Playful My job as a programmer in full service hotel and destination marketing is a game, fun and excitement for me. Seriously. I can live out my inquisitiveness and creativity to the full when creating websites. Tinkering about is simply the greatest thing for me.
Michael Marcenich
signature Michael Marcenich Software Developer
Mr Obsessed I programme with great passion. At Brandnamic I am responsible for developing and maintaining software products such as eHotelier in full service hotel and destination marketing. I have succeeded in turning my hobby into my career.
Thomas Walter
signature Thomas Walter Web Developer
Mr Thinker The Internet is one of mankind's most fantastic inventions. I am thrilled to be able to contribute even one thread in the WWW with my work in full service hotel and destination marketing and that my penchant for logical and philosophical issues benefits me with web design.
Julian Stricker
signature Julian Stricker Software Developer
Mr Logical There is a solution to every technical problem. As a software developer I like passionately tinkering around on managing complicated issues. Developing web-based applications for full service hotel and destination marketing is my job and vocation.
Barbara Reiner
signature Barbara Reiner Software Engineer
Ms Practical User-friendliness and functionality can never exclude each other in full service hotel and destination marketing. And a tool for daily use must be easy to use. Correspondence Manager, developed by me, is based on this belief.
Luana Dallapiccola
signature Luana Dallapiccola Content Management
Ms Experimenter I enjoy getting new things off the ground. I like experimenting with shapes and colours so that newsletters, banners and DEMs are attractive, modern and always different. Full service hotel and destination marketing provides me with extremely creative tasks.
Nadia Malfertheiner
signature Nadia Malfertheiner Content Management
Ms Comprehensive I ensure that images and texts appear exactly where they belong on a website or in a newsletter, I can let my creativity run wild when designing banners and I find the work in full service hotel and destination marketing extremely fulfilling.
Kathia Grüner
signature Kathia Grüner Quality Management
Ms Meticulous I check whether everything runs perfectly before going live so that our websites work perfectly. In doing so, I can work together intensively with a large team, which always ensures a good mood and is the best basis for our success as a full service hotel and destination agency.
Silvia Verginer
signature Silvia Verginer Media Planner
Ms Dream-Maker I want to advertise a holiday destination so that people immediately get itchy feet. Within full service hotel and destination marketing I draw up marketing plans and advertising campaigns for hotels and destinations and implement them. I am also always on the look-out for new types of advertising.
Alexia Berlanda
signature Alexia Berlanda Media Planner
Ms Visionary As an advertising partner I draw up marketing plans for our clients with the greatest possible flexibility, maintain contact with providers and coordinate campaigns. What makes my work so exciting? The challenge of predicting new developments in full service hotel and destination marketing.
Marilena Grünfelder
signature Marilena Grünfelder Hotel and Destination Marketing Junior Consultant
Ms Initiative Time for me to face new challenges in full service hotel and destination marketing! I have now joined our team of consultants for what is proving an enlightening experience. My utmost priority? Our clients! A tailored strategy is the key to turning their expectations into a history of success. My secret weapon? My trademark empathy!
Hannes Kinigadner
signature Hannes Kinigadner Search Engine Advertising
Mr Lightning We are all confronted with advertising messages that often don't really apply to us. Search engine advertising helps users to find precisely the products that they're looking for. As an SEA expert in full service hotel and destination marketing I put together what belongs together.
Dominik Aster
signature Dominik Aster Social Media Advertising
Mr Ambitious My ambition is to offer the user exactly what they're looking for. That's why search engine advertising in full service hotel and destination marketing is just the right thing for me. I design advertising material for display campaigns, am an expert in Google AdWords and find inspiration on my travels.
Othmar Fundneider
signature Othmar Fundneider Search Engine Optimization
Mr Aspiring Search engine optimisation is one of the most important things today, in full service hotel and destination marketing too. SEO is not only becoming increasingly more differentiated but in the meantime it is also indispensable if you want to be visible on the Internet. It is therefore absolutely essential for an SEO expert to always be up-to-date.
Giuseppe Parisi
signature Giuseppe Parisi Search Engine Optimization
Mr Demanding SEO concepts are my daily bread and curiosity and diligence are my motivation. I place high demands on myself and my work in full service hotel and destination marketing and pay attention to every single tiny detail – our results in search engines speak for themselves.
Hannes Heidegger
signature Hannes Heidegger Consultant Hotel and Destination Marketing
Mr Communicative Communication is incredibly important to me as a full service hotel and destination marketing consultant. I find it inspiring to present the wide range of Brandnamic products to our client, to provide them with all-round advice, and to do so knowing that I offer them only the best.
Kora Seifert
signature Kora Seifert Project Manager
Ms Observant As a project and product manager in full service hotel and destination marketing I work with different people, needs and situations every day. It is crucial to not lose sight of what really matters. And that is what I enjoy.
Anna Ploner
signature Anna Ploner Media Designer
Ms Sensitive Good design is an important factor for success in the full service hotel and destination marketing sector too. With an eye for detail and my creative versatility I give our customers’ websites, printed materials and logos customised and stylish design.
Federico Garbellini
signature Federico Garbellini Web Developer
Mr Heedful I’m an enthusiastic chess player. Just like with programming, anticipatory and logical thinking is called for. As a web developer in the full service hotel and destination marketing sector I can really play on my strengths and tinker away until I find the best possible solution for our customers.
Oliver Schenk
signature Oliver Schenk Team Manager for Advertising
Mr Conceptual My passion is creating tailor-made marketing plans for our customers. My knowledge of the full service hotel and destination marketing sector helps me to pull the right strings to set our customers on the right path and considerably improve their company’s success.
Iris Falkensteiner
signature Iris Falkensteiner Text and Wording
Ms English The borders of my language are the borders of my world. (Wittgenstein) Foreign languages and cultures fascinated me already when I was little. Today I can apply my experience in hospitality and abroad as well as my knowledge of the English language and cultures to my work. English is a world language and thus essential to the full service hotel and destination marketing sector.
Anna Kröll
signature Anna Kröll Media Designer
Ms Free If you are free, you experience the world more consciously. This awareness for everything that surrounds me, inspires new ideas in the full service hotel and destination marketing sector. My particular interest lies in typography. I love to convey content for our clients by creating an appealing and attractive design for words and letters.
Emanuel Gostner
signature Emanuel Gostner Web Developer
Mr Troubleshooter Programming requires passion, and the ambition to conjure up new solutions and possibilities. Full service hotel and destination marketing is a well-balanced mix of creativity, foresight and a pinch of flair. I rely on my curiosity and openness to come up with new ways to interpret the web.
Alex Wieland
signature Alex Wieland Web Developer
Mr Detail-oriented Web programming is the natural outlet for my meticulous nature and passion for design in all its declinations. My work in the field of full service hotel and destination marketing is a constant source of challenges and opportunities to exploit my strengths: accuracy, determination, and inquisitiveness.
Lukas Astner
signature Lukas Astner Web Developer
Mr Esthete Target-oriented websites and newsletters: this is the secret for success in full service hotel and destination marketing. How do I achieve that? By turning digits and characters into a work of art, one that is graphically appealing and technically well-structured. This is how my passion also became my job and my geek’s dream came true.
Sarah Posch
signature Sarah Posch Web Developer
Ms Eclectic My determination, logical thinking and versatility make me a programmer. My passion for all things sparky, colourful and thrilling make me an enthusiast, one who chose full service hotel and destination marketing to express her full potential.
Lena Kröll
signature Lena Kröll Media Planner
Ms Focused I have a passion for exotic cultures and languages, and I am constantly in search of new challenges and things to learn. Working in full service hotel and destination marketing means putting my efficiency and determination to good use, for optimal results in search-engine advertising as well as web portal management and media planning.
Sara Angerer
signature Sara Angerer Media Planner
Ms Good Spirits Successful campaigns all have something in common: a fresh, engaging combination of words and pictures. Full service hotel and destination marketing requires creativity, an open mind and, more importantly, a good deal of enthusiasm and good spirits. In a nutshell … me!
Melissa Hanslian
signature Melissa Hanslian Media Planner
Ms Innovation I love to break new ground, and my job in full service hotel and destination marketing gives me plenty of opportunities to find fresh, original ways to promote our clients. Every day I pour my enthusiasm and motivation into a variety of challenges, from marketing plans to the development of advertising products. And results are always surprising, especially for me.
Jonas Rass
signature Jonas Rass Hotel and Destination Marketing Junior Consultant
Mr Outgoing Being sociable and extroverted is a great advantage in full service hotel and destination marketing, as it allows me to build excellent relations and cooperation with my clients. This makes it easier for me to reach our common goal: giving shape to their ideas and defining the most effective strategies and solutions. And of course, being a methodical, trustworthy team-player doesn’t hurt, either.
Elisabeth Tasser
signature Elisabeth Tasser Text and Wording
Ms Painter My interest in other cultures and countries painted powerful images in my mind, providing an invaluable source of inspiration for my work in full service hotel and destination marketing. Now it is my turn to paint visions and emotions, with compelling words that travel far and settle right there where they belong: the reader’s mind.
Andrea Hofer
signature Andrea Hofer Accountant
Ms Priceless To me, accounting is the perfect balance of numbers. Where others see nothing but dull math, I see an ever-enthralling, multi-faceted challenge: from payments to balance sheets, I never get bored. What makes my job as an accountant in full service hotel and destination marketing so interesting? Always getting the upper hand in the winding maze of bureaucracy!
Christine Putzer
signature Christine Putzer Office Caretaker
Ms Fairy I love creating order from chaos and I take pride in ensuring my colleagues have pleasant, comfortable stage for their endeavours in full service hotel and destination marketing. A tidy, clean office provides the ideal conditions to work and the results of my efforts are always quite rewarding.
Evi Valentin
signature Evi Valentin Project Manager
Ms Climber My passion for mountain climbing shaped me into a project manager in full service hotel and destination marketing. Much as climbing, successful project management requires determination and sometimes courage: this is how I ensure that expectations are fully met, and goals achieved.
Nadia Messner
signature Nadia Messner Project Manager
Ms Juggler I am a meticulous and talkative natural-born organiser who thrives in order and balance. As a project manager in the full service hotel and destination marketing sector, I am a reference point for our customers. I connect the work of our various teams into a smooth-running trip to success.
Peter Huber
signature Peter Huber Web Developer
Mr Enthusiast Programming is my passion, especially when it comes to the graphical layout of websites. My job in full-service hotel and destination marketing is a rewarding experience, one that provides an inquisitive experimenter such as me with plenty of interesting new ideas; it is also a great way to express the team spirit that I owe to my other passion – football!
Julian Wiedenhofer
signature Julian Wiedenhofer Web Developer
Mr Composer Have you ever thought of a website as a composition? I do, and I feel every website should be just like a symphony – individual elements craftily combined into a piece of unique character. This view inspires me to pour my curiosity and creativity into my job as a developer in the full-service hotel and destination marketing sector.
Pirmin Staffler
signature Pirmin Staffler Media Designer
Mr Inventor I am specialised in logos for full-service hotel and destination marketing. I love letting my imagination run free, towards fresh new ways of giving shape to a spark. Fantasy and creativity are my best allies, although sometimes they can both be relentless companions.
Peter Kammerer
signature Peter Kammerer Search engine advertiser
Mr Google-eyed My mission as a search engine advertiser is to present each user with the right, “click-at-first-sight” ad. My passion for self-development and new challenges helps me keep up to the minute with the ever-changing Google scenarios, and is a most valuable asset in the field of full-service hotel and destination marketing.
Daniela Holzknecht
signature Daniela Holzknecht Project Manager
Ms Self-assertive Sports taught me that constant effort and ambition are the key to success. As a project manager in the field of full-service hotel and destination marketing, there is no greater success than exceeding our clients’ expectations with a fast and reliable service, setting the bar higher and higher.
Nikolaj Bielov
signature Nikolaj Bielov Content Management
Mr Inspired As a content manager in full-service hotel and destination marketing, my job is to turn my inspiration into a website with a distinctive, irresistible flavour. My recipe? High-quality pictures and texts, harmonious teamwork, and a secret ingredient: my passion for photography …
Loretta Solaroli
signature Loretta Solaroli Text and Wording
Ms Pun-gent A picture may be worth a thousand words ... but it cannot beat few, well-chosen ones. In my stimulating job as a copywriter and translator for full-service hotel and destination marketing, words never fail me and I do my best not to fail them!
Patrizia Karbon
signature Patrizia Karbon Secretariat
Ms Extrovert I am a people person, I love to laugh and I find it extremely fulfilling to support my colleagues in every aspect, from organisation to customer-reception activities. My job as a secretary in the full-service hotel and destination marketing sector is a great opportunity for me to put my attention to detail and enthusiasm at the service of the entire company – with the added pleasure of getting in contact with our customers and partners!
Julian Mair
signature Julian Mair Web Developer
Mr Algorithm To me, programming is a proper vocation – there is no other job I would rather do! I am in my element when I’m working with mathematics and algorithms, and delighted to learn about the latest technological developments. Both features help me a long way in my job as a programmer in the field of full-service hotel and destination marketing!
Martin Rabanser
signature Martin Rabanser Owner and Director
Mr Vision Only the open-minded can evolve and progress – a great truth that applies the private sphere and even more to the technical field. As owner of Brandnamic and web-team manager, it is my job to follow closely all new trends and developments, and to apply them to the field of full-service hotel- and destination marketing together with my team.

We do hotel marketing...

... and sometimes other things too

Are you already familiar with us? Then you will know that as a marketing agency we are experts in hotel marketing and destination marketing. But maybe you are just coming across us for the first time on this website, in which case we want to introduce ourselves properly.

We are Brandnamic, the full service marketing agency from Bressanone/Brixen with other offices in Merano/Meran and Munich. We have specialised in hotel marketing and destination marketing but we sometimes work in other areas too. 

What sets us apart is our young, dynamic team, exceptional flexibility, rapid response times and concentrated expertise. As well as us offering you comprehensive services in all marketing agency areas: 360° consulting, advertising, web, text and wording, media design and solutions.

If you make use of them, as a full service, individual service, for hotel marketing, destination marketing or an area that we haven't had anything to do with before, we pledge the total professionalism and full commitment of all Brandnamic staff. We give our clients top priority and love our job.


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