Marlene Pfeifer
signature Marlene Pfeifer Copywriter
Ms Bridge Builder
Elisabetta Rossi
signature Elisabetta Rossi Junior Consultant Hotel & Destination Marketing
Ms Balanced
Harald Kager
signature Harald Kager Consultant Hotel & Destination Marketing
Mr Optimist
Hannes Gasser
signature Hannes Gasser Owner & CEO
Mr Solver
Michael Oberhofer
signature Michael Oberhofer Owner & CEO
Mr Motivator
Matthias Prader
signature Matthias Prader Owner & CEO
Mr Detail
Thomas Stein
signature Thomas Stein Consultant Hotel & Destination Marketing
Mr Statistics
Nora Schmidt
signature Nora Schmidt Project Manager
Ms Resilient
Iris Costazza
signature Iris Costazza Project Manager
Ms Versatile
Hildegard Egger
signature Hildegard Egger Administration and Human Resource Mangement
Ms Traveller
Alexandra Fössinger
signature Alexandra Fössinger Team Leader Copywriting
Ms Articulate
Martina Leitner
signature Martina Leitner Copywriter
Ms Imaginative
Verena Bernhard
signature Verena Bernhard Copywriter
Ms Wordy
Sandra Prantner
signature Sandra Prantner Media Designer
Ms Reliable
Irene Reiterer
signature Irene Reiterer Media Designer
Ms Artistic
Mattia Dorigatti
signature Mattia Dorigatti System Administrator
Mr Nostalgic
Robin Oberhollenzer
signature Robin Oberhollenzer Web Programmer
Mr Playful
Matthias Messner
signature Matthias Messner Web Programmer
Mr Humorist
Julian Stricker
signature Julian Stricker Software Developer
Mr Logical
Barbara Reiner
signature Barbara Reiner Software Developer
Ms Practical
Luana Dallapiccola
signature Luana Dallapiccola Product Support
Ms Experimenter
Kathia Grüner
signature Kathia Grüner Content Manager
Ms Meticulous
Silvia Verginer
signature Silvia Verginer Media Planner
Ms Dream-Maker
Marilena Grünfelder
signature Marilena Grünfelder Consultant Hotel & Destination Marketing
Ms Initiative
Hannes Kinigadner
signature Hannes Kinigadner Search Engine Advertising & Optimisation
Mr Lightning
Othmar Fundneider
signature Othmar Fundneider Search Engine Advertising & Optimisation
Mr Aspiring
Giuseppe Parisi
signature Giuseppe Parisi Search Engine Advertising & Optimisation
Mr Demanding
Hannes Heidegger
signature Hannes Heidegger Consultant Hotel & Destination Marketing
Mr Communicative
Kora Seifert
signature Kora Seifert Team Leader Customer Service
Ms Observant
Anna Ploner
signature Anna Ploner Team Leader Media Design
Ms Calm
Federico Garbellini
signature Federico Garbellini Web Programmer
Mr Heedful
Damiano Ferratello
signature Damiano Ferratello Content Manager
Mr Team Player
Oliver Schenk
signature Oliver Schenk Team leader Advertising & Project management
Mr Structure
Iris Falkensteiner
signature Iris Falkensteiner Copywriter
Ms English
Anna Kröll
signature Anna Kröll Media Designer
Ms Free
Lukas Astner
signature Lukas Astner Web Programmer
Mr Esthete
Sarah Posch
signature Sarah Posch Product Support
Ms Eclectic
Marion Weissensteiner
signature Marion Weissensteiner Product Support
Ms Open Mind
Sara Angerer
signature Sara Angerer Media Planner
Ms Good Spirits
Jonas Rass
signature Jonas Rass Consultant Hotel & Destination Marketing
Mr Outgoing
Elisabeth Tasser
signature Elisabeth Tasser Project Manager
Ms Determined
Andrea Hofer
signature Andrea Hofer Accounting and Controlling
Ms Priceless
Christine Putzer
signature Christine Putzer Brandnamic Campus Support
Ms Fairy
Evi Valentin
signature Evi Valentin Project Manager
Ms Climber
Nadia Messner
signature Nadia Messner Project Manager
Ms Juggler
Peter Huber
signature Peter Huber Team Leader Web
Mr Enthusiast
Sarah Mitterrutzner
signature Sarah Mitterrutzner Media Designer
Ms Simplicity
Nikolaj Bielov
signature Nikolaj Bielov Content Manager
Mr Inspired
Patrizia Karbon
signature Patrizia Karbon Brandnamic Campus Support
Ms Extrovert
Julian Mair
signature Julian Mair Web Programmer
Mr Algorithm
Katharina Vieider
signature Katharina Vieider Content Manager
Ms Eager
Simone Rauch
signature Simone Rauch Product Support
Ms Creative
Gernot Weithofer
signature Gernot Weithofer System Administrator
Mr Geek
Stephanie Hasler
signature Stephanie Hasler Project Manager
Ms Zestful
Martina Leimegger
signature Martina Leimegger Media Designer
Ms Sophisticated
Carolin Reifer
signature Carolin Reifer Media Planner
Ms Accurate
Fabian Lechner
signature Fabian Lechner Search Engine Advertising & Optimisation
Mr Statistics
Julia Kallweit
signature Julia Kallweit Media Planner
Ms Motivated
Natali Schöpf
signature Natali Schöpf Coordinator Web Projects
Ms Diligent
Markus Oberhofer
signature Markus Oberhofer Personnel & Organization
Mr Inquisitive
Anna Huber
signature Anna Huber Product Support
Ms Understanding
Oliver Schenk
signature Oliver Schenk Team Leader Advertising & Project Management
Mr Structure
Jana Höllrigl
signature Jana Höllrigl Project Manager
Ms Focused
Georg Erschbamer
signature Georg Erschbamer Media Designer
Mr Originator
Barbara Zöll
signature Barbara Zöll Copywriter
Ms Author
Tobias Kainzwaldner
signature Tobias Kainzwaldner Product Support
Mr Perseverant
Sophie Bachmann
signature Sophie Bachmann Texting and Wording
Ms Idiomatic
Rafael Steiner
signature Rafael Steiner Web programmer
Mr Resourceful
Felix Gamper
signature Felix Gamper Search Engine Advertising & Optimisation
Mr Successful
Teresa Mayr
signature Teresa Mayr Media Planner
Ms Sunny
Judith Leitner
signature Judith Leitner Project manager
Ms Understanding
Roberta Leni
signature Roberta Leni Media designer
Ms Art lover
Daniel Miotto
signature Daniel Miotto Videographer & Photographer
Mr. Sporty
Günther Rieder
signature Günther Rieder Consultant Hotel & Destination Marketing
Mr Adventurous
Helga Karbon
signature Helga Karbon Brandnamic Campus Support 
Ms. Delicious
Egon Insam
signature Egon Insam Brandnamic Campus Support 
Mr. Handyman
Viktoria Marchetti
signature Viktoria Marchetti Project Manager
Ms. Lively
Stefania Pozzato
signature Stefania Pozzato Copywriter
Ms. Acrobatic
Stephanie Federer
signature Stephanie Federer Media Designer
Ms. Inventive
Kevin Corradini
signature Kevin Corradini Brandnamic Campus Support
Mr. All-rounder
Georg Seebacher
signature Georg Seebacher Internal Sales
Mr. Persevering
Simon Schaller
signature Simon Schaller Personnel & Legal Affairs
Marina Malfertheiner
signature Marina Malfertheiner Coordinator Web Projects
Ms. Committed
Kathrin Fischnaller
signature Kathrin Fischnaller Brandnamic Campus Support 
Ms. Sunshine
Evi Dissertori
signature Evi Dissertori Project Manager
Ms. Flexible
Lea Psaier
signature Lea Psaier Product Support
Ms. Patient
Lena Lehmann
signature Lena Lehmann Copywriter
Ms. Comprehensive
Miriam Kaser
signature Miriam Kaser Project Manager
Ms. Merry
Sara Tratter
signature Sara Tratter Brandnamic Campus Support 
Ms. Lovely
Christian Mahlknecht
signature Christian Mahlknecht Product Manager
Mr. Vision
Elena Lanthaler
signature Elena Lanthaler Media Planner
Ms. Orderly
Jonas Wieser
signature Jonas Wieser Mr. Troubleshooter
Web Programmer
Katharina Puecher
signature Katharina Puecher Project Manager
Ms. Energetic
Laura Puntaier
signature Laura Puntaier Search Engine Advertising & Optimisation
Ms. Tireless
Daniel Tomba
signature Daniel Tomba Team Leader Visuals
Mr. Innovation
Francesca Stefani
signature Francesca Stefani Product Support
Ms. Cosmopolitan
Silvia Federspieler
signature Silvia Federspieler Project Manager
Ms. Resolute

We do hotel marketing...

... and sometimes other things too

Are you already familiar with us? Then you will know that as a marketing agency we are experts in hotel marketing and destination marketing. But maybe you are just coming across us for the first time on this website, in which case we want to introduce ourselves properly.

We are Brandnamic, the full service marketing agency from Bressanone/Brixen with other offices in Merano/Meran and Munich. We have specialised in hotel marketing and destination marketing but we sometimes work in other areas too. 

What sets us apart is our young, dynamic team, exceptional flexibility, rapid response times and concentrated expertise. As well as us offering you comprehensive services in all marketing agency areas: 360° consulting, advertising, web, text and wording, media design and solutions.

If you make use of them, as a full service, individual service, for hotel marketing, destination marketing or an area that we haven't had anything to do with before, we pledge the total professionalism and full commitment of all Brandnamic staff. We give our clients top priority and love our job.


Brandnamic recommendations

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