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Wia tuat’s an?

Gassenhof Ridnaun/Ridanna | IT

"Noar, wie tuat’s an?" is how the people from Ridanna/Ridnaun greet you. Cool, casual, and straightforward. That’s the way they are. And that’s the way Manni and Stefan, the hosts at Gassenhof, are. Which is why the communication concept developed for them by Brandnamic fits like a glove. Oh, don’t worry, no need for gloves – on the contrary, it's word games like these that make the new presentation of the Gassenhof brand something very special. This was made possible by lots of creative freedom and a really cool interaction between all parties involved: customer, consulting, texting, advertising, graphic design, visuals, project management.

January 2020




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The crazy idea – and much more

"A toast to Mannis and Stefan's crazy ideas. Something has been brewing in the quiet Val Ridanna/Ridnauntal for several months now. A new beer? Yes, that too. But not only. For a long time Manni and Stefan have been burning to present their new project. Those who know the duo are well aware of the fact that they don't like to let things go up in smoke – neither in the kitchen, nor in the Gratznhäusl, and certainly not in life. While the marmots whistle from the last hole, it’s getting down to the nitty-gritty in an absolute dream location. People are drilling, hammering, and sawing like crazy. Music to the ears of Manni and Stefan, because the countdown is on: The Gassenloge opens on 5 December. That's all we want to tell you. Remember how the saying goes? “Talk is silver, imaGINation is golden …” Stories like these were and are told as part of storytelling. With a suitable visual language, created by our photo and video department and visually staged by our graphic designers. Our advertising department knew and knows exactly where and how the new Gassenlodge is being talked about. Their success proves them right: the cult characters from the Val Ridanna/Ridnauntal and their extraordinary stories are now known both at home and abroad.

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“The response to our somewhat different pre-opening campaign was huge! We are incredibly satisfied.“
-Manni and Stefan, Gassenhof-

We had the license to realise …

Storytelling | Campaign strategy | Radio spot | Image ads |  Advertorials | Logo | Naming | Facebook | Graphic design | Photo concept | Photo shooting | Website incl. graphic relaunch | Landing page | Zerberus | Getavo | News interface |  Correspondence manager | Selfmailer | MiA |  Brandnamic newsletter system | Pre-opening advertisement | Postal selfmailer

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