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Tools and tips for the hospitality sector

Now more than ever, the ability to communicate clearly with the outside world us what really counts. Since the current situation isn’t making this any easier, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the tools we use. We too have developed our marketing tools and strategies to effectively reckon with the new challenges that we are faced with.

Is your website up to date?

This forced hiatus is no reason to surrender and wait passively for this to “blow over”. Why not use this extra time on your hands to give a thorough once over to one of your most important marketing tools? Reviewing your website content based on the following criteria will help you get ready for the tasks ahead.

  • Emotional themes on the homepage (rooms, wellness, dining, outdoor experiences, seasonal themes)
  • Updated pictures that are consistent with the relevant page content
  • Matching texts and images
  • Correct links
  • Updates on awards and accolades
  • Updated rates
  • Correct legal information
  • High visibility of customer service phone number
  • Cross-language content consistency
  • Links to social media channels and/or social media wall

In addition to the general content check-up detailed above, you may also want to consider the following options, based on your specific situation:

  • A subpage with a personal statement, information and updates on the current situation
  • Reference to the new subpage on your website homepage
  • Exit intent pop-up message to keep visitors on your website
  • Making your cancellation policy prominent (also by including it in the price overview)
  • Reference to long-term validity of vouchers
  • Browser notifications to attract newsletter subscriptions
  • Pop-ups with status updates and first-hand news
  • Do not replace any existing content to avoid affecting search engine ranking.

Little helpers

Use buttons on your website and landing pages to make important information and updates stand out. Appealing and positive messages encourage people to enquire and send requests. Do you need to implement new features on your website? We will be happy to help!

Remarketing – it’s clever and easy

Basically, anyone who visits a website does so out of interest in what is being offered. However, the object of interest might easily get lost in the flood of information and be soon forgotten. Smart, modern notification tools offer unobtrusive updates and ensure that your website visitors remember you. The best thing about it is that push messages are ignored by ad blockers, meaning that your subscribers are guaranteed to receive them. Push messages are also the ideal solution for conveying positive messages when this outbreak is over. Not only does this help you to make your remarketing activities effective with minimal effort, it also significantly strengthens guest relations.


Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are important tools right now, as they enable people at home to stay connected and up to date. This makes these platforms crucial for hotels and tourism businesses wishing to stay in touch with their guests. By sharing inspiring images and emotional stories, we show there is strength in togetherness and allow ourselves to reach a broader audience. The most important thing here is to focus on empathy and consider carefully what should or should not be shared.

A glimmer of hope

People at home are feeling insecure; nobody knows events will unfold. Give your guests hope in this difficult situation. We have created inspiring graphics that you can download and share freely on your social media channels. #letsspreadlove


Flexible customer correspondence to increase booking likelihood

During this period of uncertainty, guests need reassurance. To help you meet this need, we have expanded our Korrespondenzmanager with new useful functions designed around this specific situation.

Special cancellation terms

Now, the Korrespondenzmanager offers flexible options that allow you to choose what deposit and cancellation terms to apply in a given period of your choice. Standard cancellation terms are automatically replaced for all requests received during this period. With this new function, you can increase your chances to receive bookings while also making reception work easier.

  • Self-defined text
  • Free choice of arrival period
  • Free choice of applicable cancellation terms and conditions

MiA Pop-up

Despite the outbreak, people’s desire to travel remains unaffected and is likely to grow even stronger when the quarantine is lifted. That’s why requests are still coming in. The new MiA pop-up in the Korrespondenzmanager is designed to increase the likelihood of booking. Short, individual messages will appear on offers that have been sent but not yet booked, attracting your prospective guests’ attention and helping to reduce any sense of uncertainty.

  • Output based on arrival date
  • Examples: notice of special cancellation terms, information relevant to desired travel period.

Stay Connected list

This extension of the Korresponzenzmanager is designed to actively encourage your guests to stay in touch so as to receive first-hand updates about your holiday destination. You are free to decide what information you want to share with your guests: reactions to current news in the media, uplifting news that increase the likelihood of seeing them again soon, etc.

  • Communicate status updates
  • Option to export to the newsletter tool
  • Create e-mail templates

Get in touch

Use the new filter option in the Korrespondenzmanager to address specific target groups, e.g. guests who have received an offer, guests who have cancelled, or guests who have enquired but not yet booked. This way, it’s easier to send follow-up emails or booking reminders.

Our advice

Now is the perfect time to review your marketing tools. Check the image selection and letter templates in the Correspondence Manager to make sure they are up to date and make any changes that might be needed. Highlight your hotel’s features that give a sense of "space", such as a spacious park or a large dining room, as well as private areas and retreats where guests can keep their distance, which is now very important. They will feel reassured knowing that they can put a safe distance between themselves and other people even on holiday..

Online training

The world of marketing and communication is facing entirely new challenges. Previous strategies must be questioned, adapted and completely redeveloped. The Brandnamic Academy now offers you tailored online training courses on the hottest topics as well as new extensions for the Correspondence Management software.

  • A guide to social media communication during coronavirus
  • Correspondence Manager – a helping hand during the coronavirus outbreak
  • Developing your leadership skills – team leading

People with ideas

We put together all our ideas, tools and professional expertise to help you through these uncertain times. Please do not hesitate to ask us for advice – our team of consultants is always at your side!

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