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At Brandnamic, your website is created exclusively by professionals: experienced web designers, experts in search engine marketing, and reliable content managers. Always one step ahead in terms of technology, our web team develops user-friendly responsive websites that generate enquiries and bookings, excel through flawless performance, and are well-ranked by search engines.

Landing pages

The web experts at Brandnamic work together with the advertising specialists to develop mini websites that generate an above-average number of enquiries. The landing pages that are specially designed for marketing campaigns promise high conversion rates, total user-friendliness, and maximum flexibility for advertising offers.

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Search engine optimisation, also known as SEO, is essential to be found on the internet. Because good content alone is not enough for a website to succeed: To tell your stories, you first have to be found online. Our SEO experts know exactly what is important and put your website at the top of search engine rankings!

Job website

It is a real art to find reliable and competent staff. Our job website is designed for targeted staff recruitment and helps you reach potential applicants. The content is specifically geared towards job seekers, highlights the advantages for the staff at your company, and makes it possible to quickly post job vacancies online and advertise them strategically.


There is a solution to every technical challenge. At Brandnamic, these solutions are developed in-house or in cooperation with our partner Yanovis: interfaces, web-based software like eHotelier, tools, and widgets are no problem for our software developers. In fact, they love to solve all problems that come their way.


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