Hotel marketing from Brandnamic

Advertising and hotel marketing

We know advertising. Or to be more precise: hotel marketing. Analogue and digital. We analyse target groups and user behaviour and position your offer – in a way that’s visible to search engines and attractive for potential customers. We have expert knowledge – of media planning, SEO, SEA, and social media. We plan comprehensive performance marketing campaigns and roll them out on Instagram, Google, or Tiktok, to name just a few. And because we love numbers, we track the success of our measures and bring your business to the forefront of hotel marketing.

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Hotel marketing from Brandnamic
Marketing plans

Advertising doesn’t work without a clever marketing plan – and that’s exactly what our advertising professionals create. They know what makes a difference in advertising. We can tell you one thing: It’s all about the mix! And that’s exactly what we develop for your hotel marketing. If you’re not already benefiting from strategically thought-out, digital hotel marketing, get in touch with us now.

Hotel marketing from Brandnamic
Marketing plans
Google and Meta ads

With cleverly positioned Google and Meta Ads, our experts ensure more enquiries and bookings, as well as measurable success. The user journey can be precisely followed in the analytics account, which can then be used to develop optimisation strategies.

Hotel marketing from Brandnamic
Marketing plans
Google and Meta ads
Programmatic advertising

User-specific and accurate – these two adjectives perfectly describe programmatic advertising. Purchasing and sales, as well as when the ad is displayed, are based on various user data – automatically and in real time. Intelligent algorithms control the entire process.

Marketing plans
Google and Meta ads
Programmatic advertising
Social media marketing

Facebook, Google, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok, or Spotify? With us, it’s not a case of “either/or”, you get what you want. And we help you find out what you really need – that’s also part of hotel consulting in South Tyrol from Brandnamic. We know the channels and know which guests can be found where. We devise the best strategies for you, create tactically positioned posts, and skilfully advertise these on selected social media channels.

Hotel marketing from Brandnamic
Marketing plans
Google and Meta ads
Programmatic advertising
Social media marketing
Portal advertising

Want effective advertising on a small budget? Then tourist portals are the perfect platform for you. We help you choose the right portal to reach your target group. Simply put your trust in our many years of expertise.

Hotel marketing from Brandnamic
Marketing plans
Google and Meta ads
Programmatic advertising
Social media marketing
Portal advertising
Südtirol Reise

Südtirol Reise is the portal that shows your business in the best possible light – to great effect and for attractive rates. The option of booking additional themed campaigns and the practical holiday planner ensure that your business can be found even more easily and your enquiries continue to increase.

Hotel marketing from Brandnamic
Marketing plans
Google and Meta ads
Programmatic advertising
Social media marketing
Portal advertising
Südtirol Reise

SEO and SEA are two buzzwords that hide a whole lot of potential for the success of your hotel marketing. With targeted paid and organic measures, you’ll climb up to first place on relevant search engines like Google – and attract more relevant users to your website. Our SEO experts always know exactly which measures are needed on Google. They’ve always got their eye on the ball when it comes to changes and Google updates and keep track of your keywords, campaigns, and more.

Hotel marketing from Brandnamic
Marketing plans
Google and Meta ads
Programmatic advertising
Social media marketing
Portal advertising
Südtirol Reise
Out-of-home advertising

Whether they’re digital or analogue, when displayed in the right places, out-of-home campaigns are unbeatable when it comes to reach and acceptance. Studies show that out-of-home advertising has a positive effect on the purchase decision and brand image. Our teams take care of your big public appearance.

Hotel marketing from Brandnamic
Marketing plans
Google and Meta ads
Programmatic advertising
Social media marketing
Portal advertising
Südtirol Reise
Out-of-home advertising
Flash sales

Flash sales offer the opportunity to book vacant rooms with generous discounts on popular portals with a large reach for a limited time. The limited availability increases desirability and boosts the impulse to snap deals up quickly.

Hotel marketing from Brandnamic

Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner

We know hotel marketing. That’s also been recognised by Google, which has certified us – as one of the very few full-service marketing agencies in Italy – as Google Premier Partner and Google Advertising Partner. This accolade shows that our advertising professionals know the trends and have a firm grasp of technology. With Brandnamic, you’re putting your project in the hands of exceptional, certified experts – and that’s a promise.

Our portfolio from A to Z

The world of advertising is colourful, multimedia, and takes place across multiple channels. Whether it’s online or offline, with a carefully devised marketing plan by the experts in our Advertising team, your message will reach your target group without wastage.

Alpine Pearls

Alpine Pearls is a network of 19 holiday destinations in five Alpine countries for car-free holidays. Cooperation management by Brandnamic.

Belvita Leading Wellnesshotels Südtirol

The leading wellness hotels in the Belvita Leading Wellnesshotels Südtirol cooperation group are found in the most beautiful locations throughout South Tyrol. Each member hotel is unique, and yet they all have one thing in common: They offer their guests exclusive wellness in South Tyrol. Cooperation management by Brandnamic and Kohl & Partner.


Bing (or Microsoft Bing, to be more precise) is an internet search engine.

Brand Building

The goal of all marketing campaigns is to turn a business, product, or service into a brand (branding).

Campaign management

Our experts create the perfect mix of marketing instruments as part of a marketing plan. Your business’s presence is created using innovative marketing measures and strategic campaigns – on- and offline. You receive support from plan development to implementation of the measures and regular success monitoring. 360° marketing made by Brandnamic.


A claim is the advertising slogan of a hotel or business. It is a sentence or phrase that is firmly associated with the brand name and sums up the strategic core concept of a brand. “Campaign claims” can also be created for the duration of a time-limited advertising campaign.


Communication is the exchange of information between senders and receivers. Businesses generally communicate externally (with guests and customers, media, suppliers, partners, investors, public institutions) and internally (with employees). Communication has a significant impact on the reputation and brand image of a business.

Communication concept

A communication concept lays the groundwork for a consistent, convincing corporate identity in a business’s texts and images, as well as being a guideline for all communication methods – online and offline. Our team works with you to find ideas, develops creative concepts, and plans individual measures. The intelligent timing of publication in target-group-specific media as well as professional design and emotional texts are what make your communication a success.

Content creation

Content creation consists of three steps: finding a topic – deciding how and in what format the topic will be presented for the target audience (text, picture, video, or a combination of the three options) – publishing the content on a selected channel. The goal: to gain attention and engagement from the target group.

Content marketing texts

Content marketing is more than just a trend. It’s about standing out from the crowd, feeding readers with stories, and building a rapport, thereby gaining customers and ultimately boosting revenues. Presenting good content in an attractive package is already half the battle. Our copywriters will help you to find and tell your story.

Cooperation groups

Together with renowned consulting firm Kohl & Partner, Brandnamic is responsible for the management and administration of three cooperation groups: Alpine Pearls, Belvita Leading Wellnesshotels Südtirol, and Familienhotels Südtirol.

Editorial plan

In an editorial plan (e.g. for social media platforms), all information about content marketing is gathered in one place and pooled together. The requirements from the content strategy can be made accessible to the entire team in a clear way and structured according to channels and the most important events.


The eHotelier supports users in sending professional e-mail correspondence.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a form of online marketing. The target audience receives information by e-mail. The advantage: It’s cost-effective, easy to implement, and has little wastage. The requirement: a well-tended address database and interesting content.

Enquiry management

The Brandnamic enquiry management (which can be incorporated directly into your website as a widget) transfers enquiries directly into your hotel management program. Laboriously entering data by hand is no longer necessary, input errors no longer occur. An efficient and elegant solution.

Familienhotels Südtirol

Familienhotels Südtirol is a cooperation group of 25 South Tyrolean hotels that specialise in hosting families. Group management by Brandnamic and Kohl & Partner.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) regulates the processing of personal data by private and public institutions and organisations throughout the EU. Its goal: to protect data and maintain the free movement of data within the EU. The Zerberus online tool lets you correctly and transparently obtain the required consent from your guests for data processing.

Graphic design

Graphic design includes all the graphic elements that form your business’s corporate identity: logo, colours, design of print materials, web design, goodies, and much more. All the independent parts fit together like well-oiled cogs and make a significant contribution to your brand.

Guest correspondence

From offers to follow-up e-mails, from chat messages to phone calls: Guest correspondence has many facets. Brandnamic knows them all and creates a tailor-made portfolio to enable you to correspond efficiently with your guests.

Guest journey

The guest journey means all contact points that a guest has with a hotel from the search and inspiration phase to booking and their stay, right through to the post-travel phase. Our consultants will be happy to support you in developing your guest journey.

Holiday calendar

The Brandnamic holiday calendar offers a compact overview of the holiday periods in Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as other European countries. Ideal for fine-tuning your offer and advertising plan.

Hotel coaching

Repositioning your business, organising HR processes more efficiently, or developing innovative strategies – we provide you with advice in all those areas as part of hotel coaching.

Image film

An image film is a short film that presents a business, product, or hotel. We create all kinds of videos for marketing purposes, tailor-made for you. You can find more information here.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are people that regularly publish content they’ve created on social platforms such as Instagram or Facebook and interact with their followers. These content creators usually specialise in specific fields. Especially popular: travel, fashion, food, and beauty.


Instagram is a social network that was created in 2010 and focuses on sharing photo and video content. We support you in setting up, maintaining, and developing your Instagram account. To achieve this, we offer you:

Job landing page

A job landing page is a website that an interested user is taken to via a search engine or ad. The page has a strictly defined purpose: to impress potential candidates with the employer and inspire them to apply. For example: Brandnamic jobs


The Korrespondenzmanager enables you to send professional e-mails and sophisticated guest correspondence that is perfectly adapted to your corporate design and language.

Landing page

A landing page is a small, compact website that users are taken to via a search engine or ad. Its aim is to inspire users to take a specific action (conversion), e.g. a holiday enquiry, product sales, or lead generation. Our Web team creates landing pages for you that are totally user-friendly and provide top flexibility when advertising what you have to offer.

Leadership coaching

In the Brandnamic Masterclass on the subject of leadership run by the Brandnamic Academy, managers-to-be learn how to master their new role. Focus areas: communication, leadership style, team building, conflict management.


Linkedin is a social network that focuses on cultivating business contacts and exchanging professional, expert knowledge.


Businesses, products, and football clubs are represented by a symbol, their very own logo. A logo is a distinguishing feature and can develop into a seal of quality. This makes it all the more important for it to have high recognition value. We design distinctive logos to represent your hotel or business.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is a technology that helps to manage marketing processes and campaigns across various channels.

Marketing cloud

A marketing cloud analyses, automates, and coordinates your marketing measures with guests and customers across various channels in one tool. To achieve this, all guest and customer data is stored in a central database and individually adapted messages are sent to the right recipients via the right channels at the right time.


The Brandnamic Academy offers Brandnamic Masterclasses for knowledge-hungry learners. These intensive courses on topics to do with marketing, leadership skills, or human resources are held in small groups either online or in attendance on the campus.

Meta Ads

Well-positioned Meta ads (ads on the Google search engine) produce measurably more enquiries and bookings. The experts on our Advertising team will create a tailor-made plan for your success.


Naming is the complex creative process during which a name is developed for a business, product, or service. The experts in the Copywriting team are responsible for namings à la Brandnamic.

New construction

A comprehensive marketing concept begins before the foundation stone is laid. Experience has shown how important it is to involve our competent hotel consultants as early as the idea and conception stage.


Newsletters are e-mails that are regularly sent to everyone who wishes to be kept informed of a business’s latest news. The condition: having explicit consent to these being sent.


Onboarding is a defined process which helps to integrate each new employee into the business as smoothly as possible.

Online marketing

All marketing activities that are carried out on the internet or social platforms to position a business, offer, or brand on the digital market are grouped under the term online marketing. These include: search engine marketing, e-mail and newsletter marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Out-of-home advertising (OOH)

OOH stands for out of home and refers to advertising measures in public spaces (e.g. bus stops, billboards, etc.). Whether they’re digital or analogue, when displayed in the right places, out-of-home campaigns are unbeatable when it comes to reach and acceptance. Our pros take care of your public image.


Brandnamic is both a competent sales and interface partner. Together with Yanovis, our experts implement software solutions that simplify your work processes. With our internal sales team and profound market knowledge, we’re constantly expanding our portfolio of useful tools. By hoteliers for hoteliers.

Photo shoots

Professional photo and video shoots literally show your business in the best light.


On Pinterest, users collect graphics, videos, and ideas of all kinds, which are linked on online pinboards on the platform. The aim is to exchange ideas on interests and hobbies and find inspiration with the help of the visual search engine.

Positioning concept

You can only find your way if you know where you’re going. Asking why is therefore essential for a business’s success. When developing a positioning concept, we ask ourselves this question together, conduct various business and market analyses, and use these to define the ideal positioning for you and concrete goals that lay the groundwork for all marketing measures.

Programmatic ads

Programmatic ads mean purchasing and optimising automated digital campaigns. Here, it’s not a case of people negotiating with each other, but rather of people negotiating with artificial intelligence, increasing transparency and efficiency for both parties.

Promo codes

Promo codes are an attractive tool from the marketing mix to push specifically targeted offers on- and offline. With a smart voucher tool like the Voucher App, part of the Brandnamic Hotel Apps, you can manage the use of promo codes simply and efficiently.

Radio advertising

They can stop looking or click away, but there’s one thing very few people are able to do: stop listening. That’s the reason why radio advertising and digital audio campaigns are so successful – as long as your ad is sent to the right station or platform (e.g. Spotify, RMI, etc.). Our experts paint pictures in listeners’ mind with their words and make sure your ads get heard.


Recruiting means the entire process during which a business searches for and finds suitable candidates for job vacancies. This includes creating requirement profiles, job adverts, reviewing applicants, selecting candidates, conducting interviews, and preparing and negotiating offers, as well as onboarding the new employee.


Reels are short videos that users share with followers on Instagram. The combination of video, audio, music sequences, and numerous filters let you work creatively and with an entertainment factor.


A script is the text on which films, image videos, trailers, product explanations, and much more are based. We not only write the script, but also support you before, during, and after the entire production of the video.


Putting address lists in newsletter marketing into groups and segmenting them means you can send targeted information to those readers for whom the newsletter content offers real added value. The result: The number of cancellations goes down and rebound rates are reduced.


Search engine optimisation of texts ensures a better ranking on search engine results pages.


A slogan is a striking advertising catchphrase. It should convey a message in a short, compact form that people directly associate with the brand. We can create a unique slogan for your hotel or business.

Social Media Wall

A social media wall is the section of a website that (optionally in real time) shows social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Tiktok, etc.) from a selected profile. The displayed posts are chosen according to defined hashtags. This creates a “best of” format for users, which attractively mixes topics and different types of posts.

Spotify Ads

As part of an audio marketing concept, Spotify ads are an interesting option to reach and impress listeners with a creative message.

Star rating

Deciding whether or not to pursue a star rating is an essential question for your business. On the one hand, stars help guests orientate themselves, but on the other hand also have associated costs and represent an obligation to guests and the applicable rules. The consultants at Brandnamic will be happy to support you in making this important decision.

Südtirol Reise

On the online platform Südtirol Reise – made by Brandnamic – guests find the right accommodation for them in South Tyrol, from holiday apartments to luxury hotels, while businesses find an attractive way of reaching guests.


Supporting you with expertise and dedication is one of our strengths. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.


Sustainable action means using finite resources responsibly with the aim of ensuring that the needs of future generations can also be met. In its first sustainability report, Brandnamic takes on this responsibility and sets measures to enable it to act in an environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable manner.

Target group

In marketing, target group means the market participants who are interested in a service or product and who are addressed in a targeted manner through advertising measures. All members of a target group need to demonstrate certain, pre-defined characteristics. This means that wastage can be avoided in communications.


Tiktok is an app created in China in 2016 on which users share short, home-made videos. The 15- to 22-year-old target group in particular creates and shares funny video content. Businesses that wish to use Tiktok as a communication channel should adapt their message to the rules of the platform.

Trade fairs

We regularly attend the following trade fairs: ITB Berlin,Internorga Hamburg, Hotel Bolzano, and “Alles für den Gast” in Salzburg. Would you like tickets? We’ll be happy to send you trade fair tickets upon request.


In the Brandnamic Academy, you’ll find a wide range of attractive training options from attendance-based courses on the campus to webinars and even individual training for your business.


Our Copywriting team puts your thoughts into words. And does so in all the languages that you wish to communicate in. English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Czech … Simply send us an enquiry and we’ll provide you with a professional translation.


USP stands for unique selling point, the thing that makes your service or product stand out from competitors on the market. A sound marketing strategy builds on a business’s USP. Are you looking for your USP? Our Consulting team will support you.


In the tech world, the letters UX stand for user experience. When creating a website, for example, the thoughts and feelings of a user are considered just as carefully as the requirements for and interaction with the product.

Video and photo concept

What should your photo or video show? What messages should it convey? Which colours, style, and location are preferred? All that and much more needs to be defined in advance to create successful photos and videos. Our team develops video and photo concepts for your big appearance.

Voucher App

The Voucher App, part of the Brandnamic Hotel Apps, helps you with voucher marketing. It impresses with its ease of use for guests and reception staff, its attractive graphic design, and extraordinary functionality.


Vouchers are a way to generate immediate revenues, offer guests added value, and boost their loyalty to your business. A professional voucher tool supports the reception team and guests alike. Take a look at the Voucher App, the voucher sales app in the Brandnamic Hotel Apps.

Web design

Having a harmonious and user-friendly design is paramount for a website. Our web designers understand the requirements of the worldwide web and make technical gadgets look good with skilful graphic design. Our web designs combine usability and attractiveness. The result is a stylish end product – the ideal platform for high conversion rates.


Whatsapp is an online service that enables its users to send messages through the app. Founded in 2009, Whatsapp has been part of Meta since 2014. The Korrespondenzmanager also features a Whatsapp function.


Like an app, a widget is an interactive mini application used on smartphones, tablets, or PCs. Weather reports, clocks, or booking systems are incorporated into a website as a widget to keep the website performing as efficiently and quickly as possible.


Die Welt der Werbung ist bunt, multimedial und wird auf vielen Kanälen bespielt. Egal ob online oder offline, mit einem ausgeklügelten Marketingplan der Experten aus dem Bereich Werbung erreicht Ihre Botschaft ohne Streuverluste Ihre Zielgruppe.


To enable you to offer your employees efficient professional development and training, Brandnamic has created an innovative e-learning platform, In short, practical, detailed units, employees learn the essentials and gain in-depth knowledge about all tourism-related topics in a multimedia approach.

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