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Marketing that speaks to the senses and enriches the soul

Sensoria Dolomites Seis am Schlern

To touch the senses and move the soul with tailor-made marketing – that’s our aim. An aim that we share with Sensoria Dolomites, the new place of spiritual power in Seis am Schlern. Here at the foot of the mighty Dolomite peak, Lea Oberhofer and her husband Simon Leitner have transformed the traditional Ritterhof into a very special place of energy where the outer and inner worlds merge – with the help of creative marketing that speaks to all the senses. 

May 2022

How we reached our goal

The vision
For four years now, Lea and Simon have been working on the idea of creating a special place of spiritual power where guests can experience extraordinary moments that enrich the soul and stay in their hearts forever. Lea Oberhofer, who is known for her sensitive taste, summarises her vision in these few words: “We want guests to discover, feel, admire, and enjoy our holiday haven with all their senses and leave us not only happy and content, but delighted. Our Sensoria Dolomites is a place of spiritual power for the outer and inner world. A place where these two worlds merge. Nothing is superficial: not beauty, benefit, or experience. Everything is taken in – that’s what we mean when we say ‘Luxury for the Soul’.” Together with Brandnamic’s experts, a unique hotel and marketing concept was developed that appeals to all the senses and lets the soul of the hideaway shine. 


The mission
If the senses are the gateway to the soul, then sophisticated positioning and communication concepts are the key to that gateway. Concepts that touch all the senses and enrich the soul. These concepts were used as the foundations for devising marketing with heart – “Luxury for the Soul” that delights. Various print products were created with exquisite corporate design and poetic texts, a new logo, an elegant website and landing pages, attractive social media accounts, and other products such as a newsletter and the Korrespondenzmanager, which fill the soul – and beds.


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