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Parc Hotel am See Kaltern | IT

Time is a true luxury, as it’s something we can’t get back. Using time the right way is a real art, which we at Brandnamic have mastered. Because we dedicate our time to our customers, like the De Carli family from Parc Hotel am See, to create new, exciting projects together with them. Projects that give our customers time – for the things that really matter in life.

How we reached our goal

The vision

Time to enjoy, time to unwind, time to experience. At the unique Parc Hotel am See, the De Carli host family has created a place where guests have all the time in the world. Translating this luxury into words, images, and design was and is the vision that we are realising together with our customer. 


The mission

Time for family. Time for me. It doesn’t take too many words to get to the heart of the De Carli family’s business philosophy. To be precise, we needed just six, simple words to accomplish this feat and formulate a short, catchy claim that says it all. Because at Parc Hotel am See in Kaltern, which belongs to Belvita Leading Wellness Hotels Südtirol, guests’ time plays an important role. And the other projects we’ve created for the De Carli family in recent years are just as expressive as the claim – because we don’t waste time on half measures. The shining examples that we’ve produced for the De Carli family in just a short time include print materials with first-rate corporate design and inspiring texts, elegant stationery, powerful advertorials, and ads in target-group-specific print media. The time that our specialists invest in the products definitely more than pays off.


Image catalogue | Spa catalogue | Price list | Stationery | Welcome card | Landing page | Consulting 

“For us, time is a luxury. That’s why we make sure we spend our time with the right partners. With partners like the experts from Brandnamic.“
-The De Carli family-
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