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Marketing that’s as well developed as good wine

MONS. in Tannheim | AT

What do wine, marketing, and hospitality have in common? They all have to be well developed – just like Sonja and Tomas Vrtel’s vision to transform traditional Hotel Moserhof into a stylish hideaway. All that was missing was a harmonious marketing strategy to accompany this excellent concept. In Brandnamic, the Vrtels not only found a drinking companion, but also the right partner for strategic marketing, which expanded the concept through strategic consulting and creative ideas.

How we reached our goal

The Vision
Sonja and Tomas have two great passions: hospitality and wine. Combining these two passions in a hotel with character is something that had been on both of their minds for some time. The idea was well developed and just needed one finishing touch: a corresponding marketing strategy to round off the hotel concept. Not old wine in new bottles, but full-service marketing that you can simply pop and pour.


The Mission
The first challenge: the naming. Two fresh names were needed along with two harmonious claims that brought passion for wine to the forefront. The result: MONS. Suites. Wine. Passion. And Wine Bar Tovino. Bar. Wine. Passion. The perfect finish was ensured by the well-developed communication concept, which uses creative slogans, crisp turns of phrase, and attractive photos to draw guests into the world of wine and highlight the hosts’ joie de vivre and warm-heartedness. This concept formed the basis for deliciously smooth marketing, including a variety of print products with harmonious corporate design and fruity-fresh texts, a new logo, and an elegant website and landing page. The marketing was rounded off with newsletter set-up and the Korrespondenzmanager to leave a lasting impression.


Naming and claiming | Communication concept | Selfmailer | Thank-you card | Door sign | Coasters | Wine box | Welcome card | Landing page | Website | Consulting 

“Marketing from Brandnamic is like a fine wine. It impresses thanks to its long-lasting finish. “
-Sonja and Tomas Vrtel-
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