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Passion for marketing

Hotel Singer Berwang | AT

“Bärig” (pronounced “bear-ik”) is a word often uttered by Tyroleans to express their enthusiasm. And we simply couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the Singer family, their hotel in Berwang (meaning “bear meadow”), and the unique marketing projects that we’ve been creating together for more than two years. And that flame of enthusiasm quickly kindles in the hotel’s guests, too. 

August 2021

How we reached our goal

The vision

Enthusiasm and passion: those have been the driving force behind the Singer family since 1928. Traits that the hoteliers also expect to see in their partners. Because at the end of the day, only one thing matters to the Singer family: to continue fanning the flame of enthusiasm in their guests. With us, they definitely found the right partner, because we Brandnamics burn for unique marketing. 


The mission

Our tale takes us back to 1928. In Berwang, a small, sleepy mountain village, an unbelievable success story is about to begin. The success story of the Singer family and their hotel of the same name. A story that will go on to shape the future of an entire holiday region. A story that is full of passion for hospitality. Our mission was to bring that passion to life in the hotel’s marketing, too. As with all important missions, this one also began with a small, first step: a selfmailer, which left the Singer family thoroughly impressed. And so, we’ve now been by the Singer family’s side for over two years as they move into the future – with dynamic consulting, exceptional corporate design, and passionate copywriting. The key milestones on our journey: a sophisticated positioning concept, a target-group-oriented website, elegant print products, the relaunch of the guest magazine, and an annual marketing plan that ignites enthusiasm. “Bärig”, you might say.


Marketing plan | Positioning concept | Image catalogue | Selfmailer | Pillow menu | Price list | Screen design | Website | Search engine optimised texts | SEO | Landing page | Consulting | Newsletters | Portal contributions | Storytelling

“Our lives are shaped by passion. A passion that we also expect from our partners. With Brandnamic, we have found our perfect partner for marketing.“
-The Singer family-
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